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Record Keeping for your business

If you are wondering if you need bookkeeping for your business. The answer is definitely” Yes”
IRS publication 583 “Everyone in business must keep records” It is required that businesses keep records of your business. The record should include a summary of all your business transactions. We can help you with this.

Accurate and Timely accounting records to reply on

Accurate and timely accounting records benefits your business.
We can help you with correct accounting records that you can
1. Be ready for yearly tax filing and on track for quarterly estimated tax payment
2. Be more flexible on financing options 
3. Be confident to use financial statements to identify progress of your business and make business decisions that help your business grow


Best accounting practices for online sellers

There are some better tools and accounting practices that can benefit Ecommerce sellers.
Specializing in Ecommerce accounting, we help clients work with different sales channels and reports, calculate and record COGS for best analytical purposes. We can also help with records for sales tax purposes, managing cashflows, and planning.

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